Creating Composites Workshop by Sharon and Rob Prenton Jones


We had a fantastic day-long workshop on Jan 7th 2024, presented by Sharon and Rob Prenton Jones They covered a range of topics including (apologies if I have forgotten any major topics – a lot was covered):

  • The Art of composite images, including many examples of their own images.
  • Thoughts on inspiration and ideas for composite imagery.
  • A hands-on demonstration of photography with model Loren, including some discussion of lighting, posing, props etc.
  • A discussion of DIY / low-cost and improvised props and equipment (stay tuned … I’ll make a page with some low-cost suggestions shortly)
  • A live-demonstration of post processing including consideration of lighting and shadows, selection (especially the “Black on Black” approach), blending, colour matching, adding mist, and adding texture overlays.

Links to many resources detailing these topics is at the end of this post.

Transfixed audience as Rob presents; Sharon and Loren to his left. Image: G Shaw.
The “studio” setup. Note use of 2 soft-boxed light units (continuous lights were used during the demo for clarity). Rob demonstrated use of additional diffusers to get a softer light. The backdrop was a bit of black cloth (this cloth was fairly thin, so a second drape was added behind to increase the blackness) clamped to a horizontal tube supported by light-stands. Loren (model) has an op-shop long red gown with a blue cloth arranged as a shawl/hood. Rob and Sharon got her to hold an apple as a way of giving her hands something to do. It works well (see worked images below)

A Selection of Sharon’s Images of Loren from the workshop

Some worked images from the workshop

Here are a couple of images that Sharon Prenton Jones worked up, using the portraits of Loren, that she took during the workshop. The second image, given the title “Aurora” earned Sharon (well deservedly) a PSA Gold award in the 8th International Salon Unlimited Photo 2024 (Sharon also got two other gold awards, a merit, and 12 other acceptances in this Salon!)

Loren in woods. Image and compositing: Sharon Prenton Jones
Loren portrait. Image and compositing: Sharon Prenton Jones

Our heartfelt thanks to Sharon and Rob for an illuminating session and to Loren for her modelling skills.

More Resources

More resources from this workshop will be linked below as I get round to them:

Information and Guides sent by Sharon and Rob

Sharon and Rob sent a host of useful guides that I have converted to PDF format and uploaded. You can download these guides from the links below.

Who we are

Working with Models

Rob’s Lighting Tips

Buy Cheap or Make

Sharon: Matching Colours Movie (also linked HERE with some introductory notes)

Black on Black

How I use Photoshop’s Camera Raw Filter to add light to faces

Making Mist

Add Mist with RENDER CLOUD

Make a Brush and Scatter it

Make Planets

Make Scattering Stones

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