G’MIC, GREYC’s Magic for Image Computing is a full-featured open-source framework for digital image processing. It includes a wealth of image processing filters (about 600 at the time I write this), and is available as a stand alone command line package as well as plugins for GIMP, Krita, Photoshop, Affinity Photo, Paintshop pro, Paint.net. You can also use it online https://gmicol.greyc.fr/ though it can be slow depending on the load on the server at the time.

An example of the GMIC interface featuring the Drop Water filter. Adjust the many parameters to change the appearance of the water drops.

You can find out more at the GMIC website https://gmic.eu/. There is a gallery showing some of the effects at https://gmic.eu/gallery/ (hover over the thumbnails to see the original, move the mouse off to see the filtered version).

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