Photoshop keyboard shortcuts

Using keyboard shortcuts can speed your work compared to hunting through the menu system. And the keyboard shortcut system is flexible. You can change the default settings to suit your needs. To customise, use the Alt+Shift+Control+K (Mac users use the command key not control key for these shortcuts).

For a full list of the default keyboard shortcuts go to The first section on this page gives some of the more popular shortcuts. Note that you can switch between tools by pressing the relevant key (shown on the toolbar context menu). For example, B brings up the brush tool (last type of that brush – in the figure to the right, the default brush selected is the ordinary brush tool, but if you , for example, selected the pencil tool, then B would bring up the pencil tool. Some common usages are listed below.

VMoVe tool
MMarquee tool
WWand tool
CCrop tool
HHealing Brush tool (H and B were already taken, but J was free)
BBrush tool
EEraser tool
GGradient / Paint bucket tool
HHand tool
XeXchange foreground and background colours

Some of the most common keyboard shortcuts that I use are:

Ctrl-0Zoom image to fit full windows (note: zero not O). Also double click the hand tool for the same effect.
Ctrl-1Zoom image to 1:1
Ctrl-+Zoom in
Ctrl–Zoom out
Ctrl-TFree transform selected layer
Shift-clickwhen selecting – start adding to selection
Alt-clickwhen selecting – start subtracting from selection
Ctrl-Jnew layer by copying current layer (just the selection if a selection is active)
EscapeClose modal dialogs
Ctrl-Ztoggles the last edit off or on (I usually customise this, to
spacebarSwitch to hand tool (when not editing text)
I customise my shortcuts to make Ctrl-Z be Undo not Toggle Last State so Ctrl-Z in PS behaves like all my other Windows Applications.
Alt-Right Click-Drag to adjust brush size and feather.

Another shortcut I use often is changing brush size and feathering. With a brush selected, hold down Alt, and right-click. Drag left and right and left to adjust size, and drag up or down to adjust the feather.

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