The making of an intentionally blurred image (VIcki Moritz)

So you spent years learning how to shoot images in focus? Just for a change here is how to make an intentional blurred image such as the one below

Source images- demonstrating you can make something out of not much!

An outline of the steps taken:

  1. First select an image (or images) that you think will work. A wide angle image with a point of
    interest you can reintroduce in a masking step is a good start
  2. Perform basic black/white point adjustments and ensure the buildings are straight (lens
  3. This technique uses photoshop- the first step selected the man from a wet day in Melbourne
    and pasted and positioned him in the walkway image taken at a club outing to South Wharf.
    Remember to include reflections or shadows if you have them in the original image. In the
    case of the man it was a reflection
  4. Duplicate the layer that now contains the man and background and convert it to a smart
    object (right click on the layer- convert to smart object). This ensures you can still see the
    settings you use and can make alterations
  5. To create the blur I used filter/blur/motion blur. The setting was 1267 pixels at 90O
  6. I then added a mask to the layer and masked out the effect in the foreground as I wanted
    the image to be grounded
  7. I then duplicated the layer in step 4 again (before blur), added it to the top of the layer stack
    and added a black mask to bring back the blurred layer. I then painted in white on the mask
    to bring back areas that I didn’t want to see blurred eg the man and the railing leading into
    the image
  8. Final step was to convert to B&W using Nik software and darken areas on the edges

Enjoy having a go at this

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