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Triptych making in Photoshop and Lightroom

Geoff Shaw’s suggestions For some general comments on triptychs see HERE. This post will give a couple of approaches using Lightroom and using Photoshop. I use an example with the three images below (screen grab from my LR catalog). Lightroom. … Continue reading

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Feather. This does not refer to plumage of birds, but the fuzziness in a selection or mask or brush. If you will forgive the visual pun, the image right illustrates on the left panel a hard selection (low feathering) with … Continue reading

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Pixel. pixels are the basic elements of images. Each pixel is a point in the image and has associated values for the brightness of the colours that make up that pixel (Red,Green,Blue or RGB). Black is (0,0,0) ie no brightness … Continue reading

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Audio-Visual (AV) presentations

Page in development Why make an AV? Audiovisual presentation can add extra dimensions to your creativity. In standard photography you pick your crème de la crème image that has to convey its message in splendid, silent isolation. With an AV … Continue reading

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