WCC Creative 2023

This page is designed to serve as a Home page for the Creative EDI competition series and the Creative SIG. I will link from this page to a range of relevant posts giving details of upcoming events, records of meetings and the like.

Creative competition and Creative SIG Meeting Timetable 2023

Click HERE for the timetable and competition rules


Click the links below for the post with Meeting Handouts, Notes and Homework.

Meeting 1, Feb 2023
Smugmug gallery of comp entries https://waverleycc.smugmug.com/Monthly-Competitions/Monthly-Competitions-2023/February-2023-Creative-EDI/

Meeting 2, April 2023
Smugmug gallery of comp entries https://waverleycc.smugmug.com/Monthly-Competitions/Monthly-Competitions-2023/April-2023-Creative-EDI/

Meeting 3, June 2023
Smugmug gallery of entries https://waverleycc.smugmug.com/Monthly-Competitions/Monthly-Competitions-2023/June-2023-Creative-EDI/

Meeting 4, WCC-Geelong Creative Interclub
Smugmug gallery of entries https://waverleycc.smugmug.com/Presentations-and-Events/Geelong-Waverley-Creative-Interclub-2023

Meeting 5, Nov 2023 (note not October as Geoff will be away and noone else volunteered to run the meeting).
PDF handouts of slides
Smugmug gallery of competition entries: https://waverleycc.smugmug.com/Monthly-Competitions/Monthly-Competitions-2023/November-2023-Creative-EDI