DxO Photolab


DxO photolab works well as either a standalone program or a plugin to Lightroom and Photoshop (and perhaps other packages). It is a comprehensive non-destructive Raw image editor with a large array of adjustments/filters, and a suite of presets and colour management controls. Layers and masks allow excellent control of local adjustments. It has a powerful array of filters, strong abilities to correct for specific lens defects. It has good denoise and sharpening functions.

It has limited digital asset management in the form of a file/image browser and can use keywords to tag images, as well as the usual star and colour ratings, and EXIF data in the file can be edited.

The software comes with a one-off purchase price. DxO offer 30 day free trials on all their software so you can try before you buy.

DxO also own the Nik collection of image editing utilities that work as plugins. These are excellent and worthwhile considering in their own right to use in conjunction with other software.

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