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There are lots of resources on the WCC website In particular have a look at the resources page from the top menu where there are a number of documents on how to do things.

If you are planning to enter club competitions, you will find the rules and instructions on file format at If you want help getting your image into the right size and file name structure, I have made a simple web program to assist: This will resize your image to be compatible with the competition requirements and assist in getting the correct file name format.

Here is a random collection of resources – I am using this post as a dropbox for useful things that I might incorporate into future (and already made) posts. includes discussion of what RAW files are, benefits and drawbacks, software support including list of free and open source software and proprietary (usually not free) sofware.

Adobe: Understanding Raw Files“; background on how camera sensors treat raw files

Bob Atkins: “Raw, JPEG, and TIFF“; common file formats compared.

Comparison of raster graphics editors

lots of tutorials and basics of photoshop

In Photoshop or Lightroom use menu Help or press F1 to open Adobe’s website with lots of tutorials and other resources (or and

Remove a fence, wires, tram wires, powerlines etc from a photo


Monday & Wednesday night training

Workshops and presentations

Tutorials & How To’s

Post Processing Group

Post Processing for Beginners

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