Creative Photography Workshop by Suellen Saidee Cook

Our Creative SIG presentation 09 April 2024 was by Suellen Saidee Cook, who joined us by Zoom from her home in Tasmania. She creates imaginative composites with strong narratives.

Cook’s style is mysterious, enchanting, whimsical and emotive, with threads of melancholy inviting feelings of having been left outside the boundaries of the image. She seeks to make the viewer of her images an observer who is projecting their own emotional response into the image, creating a story of what they see and feel.

She is winner of multiple awards for photographic excellence.

In her presentation she talked about her creative process. The image below illustrates the concept on a page in her journal, and final outcome for her image “Two Minutes Past Twilight”. She provides a partial step-through at this link so you can see how the image progressively developed.

Screengrab from

It is well worth while exploring more of her work at,, and .

More resources

Suellen discussed some of the technical issues in generating her images using photoshop, and recommended the Photoshop training videos by Jesus Ramirez at

A recording of Suellen’s presentation will be made available for a couple of months. An email with details will be emailed to members shortly.

Suellen’s selection of 10 artists whose images have had an important and positive influence in her creative life and on her artistic journey:

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