WCC Resources

Welcome to the WCC resources website (main WCC website HERE). Here you will find a growing collection of helpful material on photographic topics. If you would like anything adding, existing material expanding, or corrections, please let us know using the CONTACT page.

The site has two main arms:

A general RESOURCES page with a growing list of links to documents from WCC training sessions, workshops and presentations, some tutorials and How-To’s, and other resources.

A POST-PROCESSING RESOURCES area which contains a series of pages that you can work through as a brief introduction to post-processing, or dip into on particular topics. These pages also provide curated links to further resources on particular topics.

A further valuable resource is the club’s SMUGMUG GALLERY. Here you will find galleries containing all the images submitted for monthly competitions and external competitions over the years, as well as images from outings and some workshops and club gallery exhibitions.

We hope you will find the resources here useful.