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Creative Photography Workshop by Suellen Saidee Cook

Our Creative SIG presentation 09 April 2024 was by Suellen Saidee Cook, who joined us by Zoom from her home in Tasmania. She creates imaginative composites with strong narratives. Cook’s style is mysterious, enchanting, whimsical and emotive, with threads of … Continue reading

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WCC Creative 2024

This is the home for the WCC Creative SIG in 2024. It will be updated as new material becomes available. Meeting schedule February A recording of the Feb zoom meeting is available via youtube at The February meeting included … Continue reading

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Creating Composites Workshop by Sharon and Rob Prenton Jones

Overview We had a fantastic day-long workshop on Jan 7th 2024, presented by Sharon and Rob Prenton Jones They covered a range of topics including (apologies if I have forgotten any major topics – a lot was covered): Links … Continue reading

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Colour match two images during compositing.

Often, when you are compositing images the colours of the two (or more) source images may not match. Perhaps you have a model taken under studio lights that you want to layer onto a background with a different colour balance. … Continue reading

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Adding a mist effect

Mist can enhance some images, and adding a misty effect in Photoshop is not difficult. Here is one approach, based on the method demonstrated by Sharon Prenton Jones at a WCC workshop, Jan 2024. In this work through I am … Continue reading

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Life magazine photo archive available for free

Following the 2023 AGM, WCC had a fascinating Workshop on LIFE Magazine photographers with Alwyn Hanson. “LIFE Magazine is the treasured photographic magazine that chronicled the 20th Century. It now lives on at, the largest, most amazing collection of … Continue reading

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WCC Creative 2023 Meeting 3, 2023-06-13

Meeting Notes Link to PPT Handout meeting notes Homework The homework for this month is due before the November meeting (the August meeting is the WCC-Geelong creative interclub). No need to be a photoshop whiz, you can get creative images … Continue reading

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Equivalence – sensor crop factors and more

How do you take similar photos using two different cameras? For example consider an image I might take with my Canon R5 (full frame, 45 MPx) an image with a 50 mm lens. To get the same field of view … Continue reading

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Lens Diffraction – all you ever wanted to know, and a lot more besides.

You have probably heard of lens diffraction and its effects of softening your images when the lens is set to a small aperture (large f-number). The image above illustrates diffraction effects (Click on the image to see an enlarged image … Continue reading

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Depth of field – a simulator …

Here is a useful resource to help you get your head around depth of field and how it changes depending on aperture, focal length, focal distance and sensor format. You can see the effect of changing any of these parameters … Continue reading

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