Equivalence – sensor crop factors and more

How do you take similar photos using two different cameras? For example consider an image I might take with my Canon R5 (full frame, 45 MPx) an image with a 50 mm lens. To get the same field of view on my Olympus OMD EM-5 mark ii (micro four thirds sensor with 16 MPx) I need to use a 25 mm lens. And even then the images are not equivalent because the R5 has 3 times as many pixels. And at a given aperture, depth of field is greater on the EM5 than the R5 (for example 25 mm f2.8 on the EM5 is roughly equivalent to 50 mm f5.6 on the R5). But wait, there is more … the two links below should give you a broader understanding of how sensor size, pixel density, focal length, aperture and ISO all interact.

sensor size illustration
Relative sensor sizes/fields of view at a given focal length Image from https://photographylife.com/sensor-crop-factors-and-equivalence )
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