WCC Creative 2023 Meeting 1, 2023-02-14

Meeting Notes

Link to PPT handout of the meeting notes (only available after the meeting).

Heather Prince (the Judge for the comp) suggested use of the Harmonization Neural Filter to help blend layers in composites. Here are some links on this:


I have set some homework to encourage you to practice your skills. Please feel free to send me your completed homework images before the next meeting so we can share and discuss them at the next meeting. Even if you don’t want to share, the homework is still a learning exercise you can play with in private.

Place the armoured man on the image provided (or another image of your own if you prefer) onto a different background. Think about the skills involved:

  • Selection and masking
  • Using layers
  • Positioning and scaling
  • Matching lighting – image selection and image adjustments
  • Making shadows

Feel free to use the image below, or choose one of your own.

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